Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello World!

Welcome field hockey fans! This is the first post of many. My name is Michelle Kasold and I am excited to be introducing you all to my journey towards the Olympic Games. One of my teammates, Rachel Dawson, is also blogging about her experiences through this exciting time, so don't forget to check out her blog as well!

Currently, our National Squad is competing in our National Championships (in which we are all split up onto six different regional teams alongside an abundance of skilled players from around the country). We are in Virginia Beach where our National Training Center was previously located, so it's nice to be back in town for a while. At the conclusion of this tournament, the Olympic team will be selected. Needless to say, the competition is fierce and all the teams have been putting up a fight. It will be an interesting finish, where any team could pull out on top! My team is looking for a strong come-back in the final days...... GO SOUTH! :)

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