Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain rain rain

Hello All!!

Week two updates comes amidst one of the craziest storms I've ever seen in California! (Although in all honesty, it's pretty tame compared to the hundreds I've been in back east.) This is SoCal though and neither the natives nor the land is quite prepared for a storm like this. Unfortunately it has also greatly affected our training schedule this week, limiting the number of times we have been able to get on the field (it is flooded) and practice in preparation for our big games this coming weekend/week.

Staying true to one of our team mottos: adapt and adjust, we have found a way to continue our progress and stay flexible with our schedule.

In the mean time, my roommates (Lauren Pfeiffer, Maren Ford, and Melanie Brill) and I have been finding plenty of ways to keep busy! Daily crosswords are nothing new, but we have given a bit more attention to this endeavor. Reading and movie time has increased in recent days as well. All in all, we have enjoyed some quality bonding time! Today we even found a little time to go bowling to get out of our rooms and away from the training center.

Although it is supposed to continue raining and thunder storming all day tomorrow, we already have plans of watching and analyzing video on our upcoming opponents. There are always other ways to prepare besides on field preparation, and we plan on taking full advantage of the time indoors to not only rest, but better understand the game of field hockey.

That's all for now from rainy California!

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