Sunday, August 15, 2010


After a short break, we have resumed training back in California. Although we originally had some more international matches scheduled for the upcoming week (China and India were going to come play us before they headed down to the World Cup in Argentina), those fell through and we have inter-squad scrimmages instead, bringing many of the developmental players in.

Thursday morning we got our touch back on the ball and got the developmental players up to speed on how National Team practices are run. They caught on pretty quickly. Their speed of play and accuracy must be that much higher at the next level. Thursday afternoon we got to scrimmage, which was also a bit interesting because some new players got thrown in the mix. On Friday we went over some tactics so the developmental players have a better understanding of the way we play and our objectives. Then we did some shooting and corners which are always my favorite! I also can't wait for the rest of the girls to get back for training on Monday! I miss them already!

Even though it was a short training block before we had some down time this weekend, my body was still feeling a little worn out from all the travelling. Hopefully this weekend will be enough to feel refreshed for the scrimmages this upcoming week. Needless to say, it was a great weekend here in California. The weather was great (as it almost always is). I got out to the beach of Friday, had a little family night (our house) last night, and off to visit with my cousins for the day today. I definitely needed a little bit of a break this weekend because I know the inter-squad scrimmages this week are going to be intense.

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