Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to the Olympic Year!

The year 2012 has finally arrived! It is the Olympic year, which means everyone is intensifying their training. I know first hand how elevated training gets, as I went though the build-up to the Beijing Olympics. Despite that experience, I still don't think you are ever quite ready for what hits you at the start of the year. Needless to say, this first week back has really challenged our team, whether you've been here before or not!

We arrived back in sunny San Diego on January 3rd, after a wonderful holiday season at home with family and friends. But January 4th, we hit the ground running! Day one was a blistering 85 degrees and although we cruised through practice in the morning, the afternoon 1000m intervals hit us like a brick wall! With the effects of travel (dehydration), heat, and a tough run, the combined outcome was a few trips to the bathroom mid-run as well as some beat faces.

We survived and picked back up with a double session the next day. Even got in a shortened full-field scrimmage in the afternoon. The true test was yet to come, though. Friday (Jan. 5th), we had our dreaded timed two-mile test. Everyone pushed through this grueling challenge, only to be meet with corner practice, followed by sprints.

By the time the weekend rolled around, we were beat. Week one (well, 3 full days) were complete! I'm not sure what everyone chose to do with their off time, but Maren and I spent some good time relaxing on the couch and watching movies! I don't doubt that many of the others did the same.

With week one behind us, I was excited to get week two started. Although we had a tough lifting session Monday and a double practice on Tuesday, the rest of the week we tapered down a bit in preparation for our games against Australia!!

That's right! The best part about going through all that pain and work is to be prepared and ready for the games! Australia is a good team who is ranked a few above us at number 7. We are likely to see them in our grouping in the Olympics, so it will be a good test for us. Plus, Lee (our coach) is Australian, so of course we have to beat his home country!! :)

The games are Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm!!! Follow us on twitter and on OR if you are in the San Diego area, COME OUT and CHEER us on!!!


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