Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guest Coaches and Superbowl

This past week has thrown us all out of wack! Our normal, weekly routine has been altered this week so that we have practice on the weekend. Not only are we sad about losing our weekend, we now have practice on Super Bowl Sunday!!

Let me take a step back and explain. Our coaches, Lee and Nick, headed down to the Champions Trophy this week. They went down to scout the top 8 ranked teams in the world, all of which (except one) are already qualified for the London Olympics this summer. So obviously, these teams are at their best for a top, world ranking tournament and will show much of what we will expect to see from them this summer. But of course practice must go on here in Chula Vista!

So Chris Clements, the Men's Head Coach, as well as Pam Bustin, a former National Team Assistant Coach, gladly stepped into the roll of coaches. Since Pam now coaches at Duke and is normally coaching all week (and I think so Lee and Nick missed the least amount of days with us), we moved practice to the weekend. We practiced normally Monday and Tuesday with our usual run on Wednesday, but then took Thursday off. We got back into it Friday, with practice today, and another tomorrow, in addition to a run Monday before we have off on Tuesday. A little confusing, I know, we had to double and triple check the schedule this week.

But we are happy to have Chris and Pam out helping with the team. They are both great coaches with a lot of knowledge for the game. It is nice to have some fresh faces with new insights to how our training is going, even if it is only for a few days. Big shout out to them and a big thanks for helping us in such an important training period!

Finally though, it is the SUPERBOWL!! One of the most anticipated and watched sporting events in America every year. Who doesn't love a good Superbowl party? Great food, exciting game, with even better company! Oh and who could forget, those ridiculous commercials that finally air! Whether you watch for the game or for the commercials, it is bound to be a good time! I have to say I am pulling for the Giants (my dad's favorite team), but the Patriots are looking pretty good lately! Who are you rooting for??

As long as you are rooting for the red, white, and blue, then I think you picked the right team!! ;)

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