Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back on the hockey pitch...

It has now been over a month since I last picked up my stick at the Olympic Games. All of the emotions and excitement of the Games has slowly faded away. A few weeks ago, I began running again. (And by that I mean I began regimented workouts again, because really, I never stop running). Finally, a week ago, I picked up my stick again. Some thought it was too short of a break considering what we put our bodies through in the build up to the Games, others don't understand why the break was so long.

Nonetheless, there is reason for it all. For the break. For the continued hockey journey. For life to keep moving. As we depart for Ireland, our team looks a little different than it did on the blue turf in London. While we have almost half our team returning, we have some old and some new faces joining us. We are embarking on a new adventure, with a new squad, and new goals to be reached.

For those that followed us throughout the Olympics, you know what we've been through: triumph and defeat. But this is a new squad heading to the Champions Challenge and there are new obstacles to be faced, along with barriers to be broken. So don't count us out just yet; we have returned to proudly represent the red, white, and blue. Although I can't promise we will be the best team out there, I can promise that we will leave it all out on the field and give the best we have. We still have big goals and a lot to play for.

So as we head back across the pond, I am excited to see what this group can accomplish. One thing I am certain of: this group has nothing to lose and we're having fun along the way!

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