Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to Training

After a few days off upon return from Argentina, we were back out on the turf training again as a team. The first week back is always interesting. It was exciting to all be back together, as many of us went home for a few days and training again with those that didn’t travel. With the start of our final preparation for the World Cup Qualifier, practice, lifting, and running all become accelerated and more intense. We know we have to push ourselves to get the most out of these last few weeks.

Our coaches also finalized their new masterpiece, the sand hill, for added sprint workouts. They had been talking about it for weeks and now that it is done, we have and will be running sprints up it multiple times a week. Imagine how hard it is to run on the beach in the sand. Now, imagine that, but running up a hill. It is one of our harder workouts, but in a way it is fun. It gives us a change of pace to our normal workouts and allows us to work on our explosiveness. Although we are doing these in addition to our normal runs, we know it will help prepare us physically for the rigors of a qualifying tournament.

This week also brought about Lauren Powley’s birthday! It was one of the highlights of the week, including a double layer homemade cookie cake by our very own baker Lauren Crandall. We followed that up with a little surprise team dinner and festivities later that night. As this rainy, relaxing weekend comes to a close, we prepare for yet another busy week!! Bring on the sand hill!

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