Sunday, April 4, 2010



Easter was exactly what I needed today! After the tournaments end yesterday, today was nice to enjoy being with people we care about and having a little fun! All week, Lauren Pfeiffer (one of my roommates) had been planning the wonderful Easter party that we would put on at our house for all those who were still in San Diego after the tourney. Needless to say, I don't think I have ever seen more candy in one place!! With 6 people living in our house, on top of 4 other teammates, as well as friends and family, who attended, there were a lot of people in our house today! It was perfect though.

After the delicious ham fest, so graciously prepared by Maren Ford's parents, we proceeded to play Easter games (which Pfeiff had all planned out! although a few were last minute additions). With approximately 20 packages of peeps, the first competition was chubby bunny with peeps. (For those of you that don't know, chubby bunny consists of putting as many of said objects, peeps in this case, in your mouth as you can). Lauren Powley started off with a good performance at 7, and it took the whole house before Rachel Dawson took the lead with 8. But Maren's dad wouldn't be outdone and crushed the field with 12 peeps! With only a few peeps left, we decided to have a contest off our balcony to see who could project their peep the furthest (and yes, we were spitting them out). The first round was easily won by Lauren Powley. The second round was much more of a competition as we all got the hang of the technique and was won by yours truly! Now, who could have Easter without an egg toss? With 6 teams (Sarah Dawson and Katie Evans; Maren Ford and her dad; Katie O'Donnell and Lauren Powley; Lauren Pfeiffer and myself; Maren's mom and Brian Schledorn) we began tossing. Sarah and Katie prevailed as the winners with Powley and OD in a close second. We definitely got a little messy on that one! (I mean we are athletes, everything turns into a competition!)

The afternoon was wonderful and allowed us to be thankful for everything we have and the people we get to enjoy it with. We were happy to spend Easter with our teammates and their families. We have all become very close over the years, so much so that this team is our family. We have spent so much time, so many birthdays, and holidays together that it just seems weird when we aren't together. As we all begin to separate for the next couple weeks, since we have a little time away from training, it will be nice to go home, but we will miss our second family. Spending one last day celebrating Easter with my teammates was exactly what I needed!

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