Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off Time

The past week and a half we haven't had practice as a team. Although most of the team has gone home (back to the East Coast) to spend some time with friends and family, I have remained out in Chula Vista a little bit longer, along with a few other teammates.

Last week was a nice break from training where I found myself living life with no plan. What I mean by that is that I would wake up everyday without a plan and come up with it as the day went along. With such a set schedule of practice the majority of the year, I love times like these where I have no requirements. On Saturday I found my way up to UCLA to watch some of the track and field athletes from the OTC compete. It isn't often that we get to see our fellow athletes in action, and it's great to have support from those who know what we go through day in and day out. It was exciting to see in person just how good they really are at what they do.

Ready to get back to work, this week our workouts began again. Those of us that are still here (there are about 5 of us) have been going out to play everyday. We know every day is another opportunity to get better even if we only spend an hour out there, it is an hour that can better us. We all agreed that we wanted to analyze our form a little more because now is the time to look at the little details, critique them, and improve on them. Today, we pulled out a video camera and videoed our shooting drills. We watched ourselves, as well as each other, to help analyze how we did. This helped tremendously to see not only our tendencies, but to correct those things that aren't where they need to be.

Although I miss my teammates, I love having a little downtime to focus on the little things and putting everything back into perspective. I am going home next week to spend a little time with my friends and family as well before we start up again, but for right now I'm enjoying exploring Southern California in ways I haven't been able to during training blocks..... More fun to come!

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