Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nation's Capital!

We have officially arrived in the Nation's Capital! After quite a long day's travel with a few delays here and there, we all safely arrived, including little Xavi (Keli Smith's little baby boy!).

As I sit here in the dorm room at American University, resting up and thinking about the first match tomorrow against Argentina, I can't help but think back to my college days. Remembering dorm life and game days of old. I can't help but think about my old roommate and my former teammates. I remember the amazing times we had and how everything that I went through at Wake Forest has helped to shape who I am today, not only as a field hockey player, but as a person. Most of all, I am thankful for all of these experiences and memories.

I am interrupted by little Xavi's cries from down the hall and I am quickly brought back to reality. This is not college. This is not my dorm room from years past. I am here representing so much more. In a familiar atmosphere, I am no longer wearing black and gold, but the red, white, and blue. The name of the front of the jersey is the United States. We are here to face one of the top teams in the world, Argentina. I am ready. We are ready.

Although we have played Argentina what seems like a million times in the past, this series will be a little bit different. With a few new players on board, and a new outlook on where our team is going, it will be a big test for us to see how we rebound after our World Cup Qualifier. Knowing the girls, we are up for the challenge. And who better to test us than Argentina.

More updates to come post game. Come out at watch (6pm) or follow us online!!!

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