Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's been a busy last week! We started training back up last week and it took us a little to get back into the routine we had been so accustomed to. We were all happy to be back training together though.

We spent much of the weekend together as well, volunteering for some very good causes. On Saturday a bunch of us, myself included, teamed up the with United Way in order to help out with Stuff the Bus. This was an event where we were helping to collect sports equipment to fill up, or stuff, a school bus. All the equipment collected would then be given to foster children who could not afford to buy it themselves.

Growing up, we were all fortunate enough to be given opportunities through sports. Not only was it a way to meet friends and a fun activity to participate in, it also kept us out of trouble and taught us a lot about life. Through sports, we learned teamwork, hard work, dedication, and time management, just to name a few. These skills, whether used in continuing athletics, or in the real world are invaluable. We wanted to help give back by providing these same opportunities to children less fortunate than we were.

For another worthy cause, much of the team participated in the Breath of Hope Lung Cancer Walk on Sunday. This was another cause whose meaning was felt close to the hearts of our team. Our former team captain, Kate Kinnear's mother passed away from lung cancer in 2006. We walked in honor of her, as well as all others whom we have known or not, who suffered through the battles of lung cancer.

After a great weekend of giving back, we had to get back to work ourselves for our final week of preparation before we head off to the East Coast to play Argentina in a 5 game test series at American University!!


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