Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to England

The last couple days in Valencia have been amazing. Not only did we get the job done on the field, we got to go to the beach and have dinner out by the boardwalk.

In our game on Thursday we came out ready. Having gone over some film and working some things out in practice on Wednesday, we had refined a few important keys to our game plan. Most of all we knew we wanted that win and to prove ourselves as a top team. It was a hard fought game that we dominated in the statistics, but only found the back of the cage late in the second half. We held onto that one goal lead for the remainder of the game.

We couldn't rest here though. With the series tied at one, Fridays game was even more important to prove that our 1-0 win was not a fluke. We knew we had Spain on their heels, but we also knew they would be a little pissed they lost and would come back with even more of a fight today. We were ready for the challenge and we seized the opportunity. We came out of today's match even more dominant in the stats sheets including a 2-0 win that could have easily been more.

With a good result, we were all in good spirits and ready for a nice evening at the beach (la playa- I'm working on my Spanish!). Just a few blocks away, the Mediterranean Sea was a beautiful site. We got a few hours to walk around, check out the street vendors, and take a dip in the water before we had dinner at a restaurant right on the boardwalk. It was so nice not only to not eat at the dorms, but to sit right by the water as the sun went down and get some real Spanish food. It was a great way to end our stay in Valencia. (And to think how nice it would be if we had a few more days to vacation here)!

Anyways, we are off to England tomorrow for what will surely be even more of a test for our team. We have to stay tough and continue to improve if we want to get a few more wins before we return to the states! I can't wait to be around people who speak English though!


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Rob said...

Well done in Valencia! I look forward to reading your post about England. Good Luck. Here is a link to view some photos taken during your matches in Valencia.