Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, celebrating all the great men and women who have served this country and continue to do so every day. I also hope you had some fun!!

This past weekend was just what I needed! I got to spend the entire weekend with my family at the beach. It was my birthday on Saturday, too!! I never know where I'm going to be for my birthday anymore, so it was really nice to actually be home for it this year! Highlights of the weekend included: jetskiing, boating, wakeboarding, playing darts and bocce ball, live music by the water, watching lots of US Soccer :) and playing with my friend Sterling's new puppy Lona! Although there was lots to do, I got to spend a lot of down time just relaxing and catching up with my family. There really is nothing like a good couple days with them to put everything back into perspective. It's nice to be reminded that no matter what happens on the hockey field, they are always supporting me and just want me to be happy.

But of course I could only take a few days away from hockey since we have National Championships this coming week! I came back from the beach refreshed and ready to go. I had practice in Chapel Hill with my High Performance team (the South!) on Monday and Tuesday and the squad is looking pretty good this year for a run at the title! We fell short in the final last year, so we are looking to redeem ourselves this year with a Championship!!

It was nice being back in Chapel Hill for a few days as well. I always love coming back to my hometown. Although my parents are in the process of selling their house and I won't officially be a Chapel Hill resident anymore... I will always be a Chapel Hillian! :)

Anyways.... we're off to Maryland today. National Championships start tomorrow! The South takes on Midwest in our first match and it should be a good one! Stay tuned for updates!

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