Wednesday, April 27, 2016

100 DAYS


Time has been flying in 2016 and the Olympics are literally right around the corner!!! We have been working our butts off here in Pennsylvania! Every single day counts and we've been making the most of each and every one. The crazy thing is that most people think of the (summer) Olympics as every 4 years, but for us, it is every day. When the time finally arrives though, after 4 years (and more!) of giving it our everything day in and day out, to put all our work on the line against the world's greatest athletes, it is magical. It is the culmination of everything we've sacrificed, we've sweated over, exhausted ourselves with endless sprints for, and yet it will be here and gone in a flash! I have vowed this whole year to make the most of the journey and enjoy the ride because in the end, that is life! It isn't all about the outcome, even though we strive to be our best and believe we have the ability to stand on the podium down in Rio this summer. These last 100 days are bound to be some of the hardest and test every part of my body inside and out, but I can't wait to embrace every moment! One day at a time, one game at a time, one moment at a time! 100 MORE TIMES! :)

Also, anyone watching the Today Show this morning?? Keep a lookout for some of my teammates! OR if you are in NYC, get down to Times Square, meet some of the hard working field hockey team, and watch a demo they are putting on! It will be a lot of fun to support my teammates and all of TEAM USA!!

Counting down the days.... almost in double digits! :)

Here are a few memories from London 2012:


Steve Brown said...

Inspiring Blog! I love you 100 days post. This kind of blog always inspires us to do hard-work. Thank You for sharing it.

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Michelle Kasold said...

Thanks Steve! Stay tuned for some more blogs leading up to the Olympics!