Sunday, May 29, 2016

May Recap

Things have been busy here in Lancaster, PA the last two weeks, but especially for me! All in good ways though! As you probably already know, we had a 4 game series with Chile last week in which we swept all 4 games. Chile was a great opponent that had some key strengths which are similar to many of the teams we will face this summer. It was good to get back into the swing of things and get some games against someone other than ourselves! Chile is a hard working team with a lot of skill and we are very thankful they traveled to play us in our preparation for Champions Trophy next month, as well as leading up to the Olympics. Another amazing part about this series was that my aunt MaryAnn attended. It was the first time she has ever seen me play in person and she is by far one of my biggest fans! It was truly an amazing experience for both of us and I was reminded of how great my family support system is, no matter what the result! I am so blessed!


We had a “regen” week this week, which means we take a little time away from practice to recover our bodies a little bit. On Tuesday, we hosted an outstanding fundraiser at Radley Run Golf Course in West Chester and we had an amazing turnout! Thank you to everyone who came out, golfed, had some fun with us, and continues to support our dreams! We are so incredibly thankful for all of the people who back us throughout this journey!!

Then on Thursday, I turned 29 years old! My morning consisted of a sprint workout with the team (which seems to happen every year on my birthday!), but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way! My birthday is no different than other day when a greater goal of standing on the podium is always in the forefront of my mind! Plus, it feels amazing to be done with a hard workout. I felt accomplished and not as bad about eating just a little bit of sweet treats for my birthday! ;) I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who made my day so special! Special shout out to my teammates, my family, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s family! Thanks to all my friends who also sent me wonderful texts and messages through social media! It was a special day and reminds me how many amazing people have come into my life in 29 years! I still feel young, fit, and ready to live out my dreams! J XO

Finally, we have one more week until we leave for Champions Trophy! We are stopping over in the Netherlands for a holding camp and a few games before heading to England for the tournament! I am super excited to play in this prestigious tournament for the first time! It will be a good test and preparation to see where we stand for the Olympics! GO USA!

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