Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Heyyy all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the birth of our country! :) After training, lifting, and running this past week, my roommate, Katie O'Donnell, and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. We were going to head up to Los Angeles to check out all that it has to offer, but we decided it would be better enjoyed when it wasn't a holiday weekend. Instead we just stayed in Chula Vista, lounged at the pool, hung out with our neighbors, and made a beautiful cake to celebrate the 4th! We even went to the training center for their low-scale, but still entertaining set of FIREWORKS!! We meet a few of the archers who happened to still be on site for the weekend and enjoyed spending time with fellow athletes.

Tomorrow, we get back into training. It's our last week before the team returns from their tests matches in Europe! GO US!

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