Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meeting Arnold

What a busy, exciting week! Thursday afternoon came quickly and proved quite challenging as we ran 6 300-yard shuttles before practice. After, we scrimmaged for two 15 minutes. We didn't play long so that we could keep our intensity high, especially after just running. Overall, it went pretty well, and everyone was beginning to connect again. The final score was 1-1, with the white team (our opposing team) scoring in the final minute! Even though practice was a bit shorter than normal, we just as tired, if not more from it's intensity.

You could feel the excitement upon arrival to practice Friday morning. We got to sleep in a little bit and started our warm up 45 minutes later than usual (8:45 instead of 8). Although we all knew we had a session in the heat chamber directly following the conclusion of practice, all of our minds were elsewhere. We were all anticipating the arrival of the GOVERNOR- that's right, Arnold Schwarzenegger! He came to the training center to meet our team, as well as the other Olympic athletes that train in Chula Vista at the OTC. It was very exciting for us all!! A few even got him to sign some old movies! Needless to say he was very nice and wished us well at the games. Check out the picture of him with our team!

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