Saturday, July 12, 2008

Staying Busy

Well, it's been another week out here in California. We had training and lifting on Monday, running and training on Tuesday, lifting on Wednesday, running and training on Thursday, and ended the week on a practice a lifting Friday. It was a pretty intense week despite our limited numbers. Trainings consisted of some competitive flow through drills and numbers up compitions, along with small games. Small games always seem to bring out our true competitive sides, but we always manage a few good laughs along the way. The week actually proved to be a lot tougher physically then I had imagined it to be, but a mid-week massage eased some of the tension my body was feeling.

My roommate, Katie O'Donnell and I had been waiting for Friday to come all week long. Not only because it would be the start of the weekend, but because we had tickets to a Toby Keith concert!! We got ticket vouchers through the training center last week and we couldn't wait! So, last night, we had dinner with our neighbors and a few of their friends (who also all had tickets to the concert) and then headed over to the Ampitheatre. This was my roommates first real concert and we had a BLAST! Montgomery Gentry opened for Toby Keith, and both of them great!! I'm posting a video from the concert- check it out!

The rest of the team returns to Chula Vista tomorrow and on Monday we begin our final preparation for the Olympics.

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