Monday, February 7, 2011


5am (PST) Sunday Feb. 6th: WAKE UP
6am: Hop on the bus from Chula Vista to LAX
12:30pm: Flight from LAX to Santiago, Chile (with a short stop in Lima, Peru)
6:30am Feb. 7th (1:30am PST): Arrive in Santiago, Chile
9:30am: Fly from Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina
12:00pm: Arrive at hotel in Mendoza

If you do the math... we traveled for over 24 hours. For once, things went smoothly with everyone arriving on time with all of their baggage! (I think that is a first!) Yet, as we walked of the last plane and through customs, we looked like zombies due to the lack of sleep, and a few of us were still trying to cope with the fact we missed the entire superbowl!

Anyways... the first rule of traveling is to try to adjust to the time zone as quickly as possible. In order to do this, you must stay awake until it is the proper time to sleep. Let's just say... none of us quite made this and all caught a quick cat nap once we got to the hotel. Personally, I felt like a new person when I awoke from my slumber! Ready to head to the field and remenise of all the memories we have made here in Mendoza in the past.

But like all tours... something is bound to go wrong eventually... and as we arrived to the field we were informed that the watering system was broke. Questioning the liklihood of practice, our coach quickly told us that we would be running instead! Woohoo! haha... Adapt and adjust! So we got moving to get rid of the lactic acid we built up on the plane and then did get to do a little stick and ball, and shooting at the end. I sure hope the water is fixed for tomorrow though!!

Well that's all for tonight! Time to head to bed! Goodnight all! More to come soon....

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