Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sunday's game versus Germany was the breaking point for us. We have been knocking at the door of some of the best teams in the world, dominating them at times, yet falling short on the scoreboard. We knew our time would come, and it did on Sunday, after extra time and strokes.

Sunday's game was not only hard fought by both sides for 70 full minutes, but for the 15 minute extra time to push it into strokes. We saw ourselves down a goal at half, but fought back to tie it up in the 2nd. Falling behind yet again, we continued to persist and got the equalizer before the end of the game. With chances in overtime, and a corner with no time left, we didn't connect on the final goal.

We continued forward, trusting in our teammates. Strokes are a very difficult part of the game. Not only is it nerve wrecking, you put all your trust in 6 players- the 5 strokers and your goalkeeper. You trust them to do their jobs and win the game you all have fought so hard to win in the last 85 minutes of play. But I knew those 6 players could do it.

The first two strokes by each team were made. Ok still even. The next stroke, they missed. Ok here is our chance for the lead. Their goalie saves it. Ok, fair enough, we are still even. They make it. We make it. 2-2. They miss. We make it. 3-2. All we need is Jackie to stop this one, and we win. If not, we still have our last stroker to win the game. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew we had it. As the German player pushed with all her might, I watched as the ball sailed wide of the goal. Immediately, I was running along with my teammates to congratulate Jackie and celebrate a hard-fought, well-deserved win, that put us in 3rd and on the medal stand.

For all those tough games and all that we had put on the line, the feeling of finally breaking through and getting the result on the scoreboard against a great team, and one of the top in the world, was amazing.

That being said, we enjoyed the night- took in that victory. We will remember that feeling. But, we know the tournament starts all over in Rosario. We have a clean slate, just as everyone else does. What we did last week doesn't matter. We have a chance to do even better this week, but we know our opposition will be just as tough. We are ready though. We got over one wall and we are not gonna fall back down. I am excited for a new venue, new fans, and a new chance to do some great things this week!

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