Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Steps

It's been a few days since I've last posted. This last week was pretty hectic. After finishing our test matches against Holland with a heartbreaking loss in the final seconds of the game (after being up 2-0 at half too), we had 2 final games vs. China to get a result. Our 2nd game with China was a hard fought 2-1 loss which was yet again disappointing after the effort and work we have put in. Going into the final game, we approached it as our World Cup qualifier, a must win to get into the World Cup. We took a mentality and belief that we would win the game no matter what. Finally taking a step in the right direction, we got the results, with a 2-1 win, weathering everything China could throw at us.

In conclusion of the series, we got some much needed time off this weekend. Finally getting settled into our new place, my roommates and I had the rest of the team over for a little house warming get together. It's always nice to have your own place and space to go home to after a hard day's training. :) It was also superbowl weekend, so 2 of my roommates and I got together with the Gementera's (the family we stayed with for a little bit in the fall of '09) and had some tacos, watched the game, and we'll took a little nap too... we were tired!! All in all, it was a nice little break from hockey to let our bodies and minds recover as we get ready for the next stage of our build up.

As we prepare to leave tomorrow for our trip to Argentina for more test matches in preparation for the qualifier, we are excited to continue stepping forward and seeing the results of the hours/days/years of hard work we have been putting in.

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