Friday, February 12, 2010

Mendoza, Argentina

We have officially arrived in Mendoza, Argentina!!! After 22 hours of traveling, we got in yesterday morning around 11am. Needless to say we were a little exhausted, most of us only having slept for bits and pieces of the flights. In good spirits, and with all of our bags, we had lunch waiting for us as we arrived at the hotel. After some down time to rest and nap, we had practice. We always practice on the first day of arrival to help us just get moving, get used to the turf, and adjust to the new time zone. Mendoza, Argentina is 5 hours ahead of Chula Vista, so it definitely has thrown us off a bit.

With a good nights rest under our belts, today's schedule includes two practices to really get our touch back and bodies ready to go. We already have our first game against Argentina tomorrow!! Fortunately our hotel is very accommodating with comfortable beds and good food to keep us charged and ready to go!

Pictures and video will be coming soon.

Nothing too crazy or funny has happened yet, but we did have a hallway pow-wow last night in order to use the internet. We get wireless in the rooms, but the signal is pretty weak. We discovered that it is much better in the hallway, so there were about 5 of us sitting in the hallway last night calling and skyping home from our computers.

OH! and I almost forgot... the WINTER OLYMPICS start today!!! Hopefully we will be able to watch it from down here and the TV coverage will be good. :)
GO USA!!!!!

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