Monday, February 15, 2010

Cordoba, Argentina

After a 10 hour overnight bus trip, we have made it to Cordoba!!! It's crazy to think that we were only in Mendoza for a few days. It seemed much longer with all the free time we had during the day and the 2 games we've already completed. Although we didn't get the results we would have wished, we continue to progress as a team towards our ultimate goal of world cup qualification.

As you all know, Valentine's day was yesterday, and seeing as we are all in Argentina far from our friends, family, and significant others, we found ways to make the most of the day. Maren's boyfriend seemed to outdo everyone when he sent roses to the hotel for her! This made all the girls a little jealous! (Okay, maybe a lot). I still think my Valentine was the best! (Sarah Dawson!!) We made the most of our day with a nice lunch date in the hotel restaurant (where we ate all our meals with the team) and an exchanging of cards we made. ;)

Cordoba will be a nice change of pace for us though. A new hotel, a new field, new opportunities and challenges. It almost feels like home too because we are "chillin at the Holiday Inn"!! haha.

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